Premiere SUPERPLAN ZERO - Be part of it!

On 9.9. at 09:00 the time will have come: we will present our blockbuster for the shower market, the new SUPERPLAN ZERO. Experience the spectacular premiere on the KALDEWEI YouTube channel and accompany journalist Andrea Thilo in a completely new digital format. Look forward to exclusive insights and background stories about our shower area and, together with the moderator, welcome prominent guests such as the renowned product designer Werner Aisslinger, design pope Prof. Dr. Peter Zec or SHK system mechanic and model Sandra Hunke. An absolute highlight: The rock star and photographer Bryan Adams artistically staged SUPERPLAN ZERO for us. We look forward to you!

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By participating in the SUPERPLAN ZERO Premiere, you support WWF's marine conservation program Ghost Nets. Ghost nets are the term used to describe ownerless fishing nets. They ghost through the sea and become a danger for marine life because they continue to fish endlessly. Or they lie at the bottom of the sea and slowly dissolve into tiny plastic fibers, contributing to the microplastic pollution of the oceans."